Why choose us for your Security Solution

Technologically Advanced

Our equipment is top pf the range to not only protect your asset or person but also to allow for easy recall of events through video or GPS.

Our guards have the ability to wear body cams for event recall 

We have an in-house barcode scanning and report system for easy auditing and recall of events and asset protection


Our static guard, personal protection, and licensed premises staff are highly trained with excellent professional stakeholder interaction skills. We can be present but not seen or act as a visual deterrent depending on the client's need.

We understand that staff are the backbone of our business and we treat all staff as family and it is one of our core values making us soar above the competition.

You as a client reap the benefits of our professionalism.


All of our staff at a minimum have at least a Certificate of Approval from the Ministry of Justice to perform security functions. 

Our investigative wing has years of experience in preparing private prosecution files in many areas of offences and we have the ability to call on a vast range of subject matter experts when required to get your task over the line.