Uniformed Static Guards

The presence of uniformed guards is the most effective way of deterring criminals. Our guards are professional, friendly, and ready to handle any of the security challenges you may be facing.

Mobile Patrol

If your property is at risk of vandals, theft or any other criminal activity, a mobile patrol team can help keep the premises safe for staff or residents.

Our vehicles are well equipped, with cameras, GPS, emergency security equipment as well as the option to deploy a K9 when needed.

Our current range of  clients include medical production sites, building lockdowns and patrols, schools, churches, car yards, private residence and more.

We offer:

 - Extensive reporting systems

 - QR Scannable Live Asset reporting

 - Frequent vehicle patrols

 - Alarm monitoring & response

 - 24/7 periodic/random checks

 - Lock-up services

 - Staff Escorts

Construction Site Security

At times, construction sites can be vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Construction site guards are able to make sure that any locations are protected through their quality training and 24/7 support

Event Security

Trained guards with current Certificate of Approvals (COA) are provided to make any event safe.

Licensed Premise Security

We provide well-trained and professional crowd controllers to many businesses throughout Auckland.

Covert Security

Covert or plain-clothed security is a specialised service to apprehend shoplifters and dishonest employees. Plain-clothed guards are suitable for an array of settings; in retail, hospitality, events and more. Particularly important when dealing with staff theft and intelligence gathering

Infidelity Services

Personal Protection

This is a very sensitive subject, please contact us, discretion is assured.

After an initial threat assessment by our specialist team, we can develop a system and provide the resources to cater for all threat levels. References are available on request

CCTV Security Installation & Monitoring

We offer effective deter and detect systems to meet your needs.

Document Serving

Document serving calls for the utmost professionalism and sensitivity to a diverse range of situations. With experience and knowledge about process serving, our teams are able to coordinate with our clients to ensure safe and timely delivery of legal documents as requested. 

Intelligence Analysis

We can provide you with intelligence reports to meet your needs and develop strategies

Electronic Crime Capability

Including cell phone/computer forensics & data recovery. In some cases we also have the ability to deal with Ransomware.